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Daily Spiridon MTB

Type of adventure: Daily excursion

Our adventure begins with a thrilling transfer to the Galicica pass, located 38 km away from Ohrid. This serves as the starting point for our exhilarating bike ride. The initial part of the journey involves a 4 km descent, leading us towards the captivating Lake Prespa. As we continue, a 2 km ascent awaits, guiding us to Dva Javora, where we enter the meadows and pastures nestled on the slopes of Mount Galicica. This picturesque area, known as Sarbojca, boasts the magnificent Asan Djura mountain lodge, providing a perfect spot for a brief break and a satisfying snack.

Next on our route is the remarkable Dofa area, characterized by its unique red dirt, immersing you in a surreal experience akin to riding on the surface of Mars. As we move forward, a 1.5 km ascent leads us to the Krstec pass, situated 100 meters higher than Dofa at an altitude of 1555 meters above sea level. From this point, an exhilarating 12 km downhill descent awaits, guiding us back to the vibrant city of Ohrid.

Throughout this thrilling journey, you will be immersed in stunning landscapes, with the crystal-clear waters of Lake Prespa and the breathtaking views of Mount Galicica serving as constant companions. Prepare for an adrenaline-filled adventure as you navigate the diverse terrains and experience the natural wonders of this remarkable region. Join us as we embark on this unforgettable biking expedition, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Minimum / Maximum number of pax: Min 4 persons, max 16 persons.

(If the interest is exceeding 16 pax we will set up additional dates for booking)

What is included in the price: E-bike, guides, entrances, food, non-alcoholic drinks, all necessary equipment, transfers from pick up and drop off point.

What is not included in the price: personal expenses, insurance of any kind…

Difficulty: Moderate to hard

Duration: 7-8 hours,

Transfer 40 km; Biking distance: 37 km (asphalt road 10 km – 7 km downhill, 3 km uphill; Off – road 27 km – 15 km flat terrain, 3 km uphill, 9 km downhill).

Location: Ohrid area, National Park Galichica

Price: 94 eur per person (10-16pax)

104 eur per person ( 4-10 pax)

224 eur for only one participant

Detailed itinerary:

09:00 am


Location: Sports center Biljanini izvori



Location: Dva Javora


Lunch brake

Location: Sharbojca hut


Arrival in Ohrid

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