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Daily Vevchani

Type of adventure: Daily excursion

Nestled along the western shore of Lake Ohrid, the village we speak of holds a captivating history that dates back to the third century B.C. Perched on the slopes of the majestic Jablanica mountain, this settlement is a sight to behold. With its narrow, steep streets and rushing streams that emerge from the springs above the village at an impressive rate of 1500 liters per second, it offers a unique and enchanting atmosphere. As you explore this charming village, you’ll be captivated by its altitude, starting at 800 meters above sea level and reaching as high as 950 meters above sea level. The clear, icy waters flowing through the streams provide a refreshing respite after your uphill ride, rejuvenating your senses and invigorating your spirit.

The rich heritage of this area is deeply rooted in the traditions of both paganism and Christianity. This cultural tapestry is manifested in the local craftsmanship of traditional embroidery, weaving, and woodcarving. The village comes alive with numerous festive occasions throughout the year, but the most famous and internationally renowned event is the Vevcani Carnival. Celebrated annually on the 13th and 14th of January, this ancient tradition has been cherished for over 1400 years.

During the carnival, the village pulsates with the rhythmic beats of drums and the melodic tunes of traditional zurla instruments. Villagers don traditional and modern masks, forming lively masked groups that fill the air with songs and chants. According to the Julian calendar, this vibrant celebration marks the arrival of the New Year. The water springs are blessed for a prosperous and joyous year ahead, while the evil spirits of the past year are joyfully chased away. Such is the power of this carnival that it has been recognized as a member of the Association of European Carnival Cities since 1993.

Immerse yourself in this remarkable village’s rich history and vibrant festivities, where ancient traditions and natural beauty combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Minimum / Maximum number of pax: Min 4 persons, max 16 persons.
(If the interest is exceeding 16 pax we will set up additional dates for booking)

What is included in the price: E-bike, guides, entrances, food, non-alcoholic drinks, all necessary equipment, and transfers from pick up and drop off point.

What is not included in the price: personal expenses, insurance of any kind…

Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 5-6 hours, 60 km on asphalt road, of which 50 km in the flat, 5 km ascent, and 5 km descent

Location: Village Vevchani, Mountain Jablanica


84 eur per person (10-16pax)

94 eur per person (4-10 pax)

214 eur for only one participant

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