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Two lakes, two pearls

Type of adventure: Daily excursion

Embark on a remarkable journey to witness the breathtaking beauty of the UNESCO protected area, where two Balkan pearls, Prespa Lake and Ohrid Lake, enchant with their allure. As you traverse the trail, you will step upon ancient tectonic stones that bear witness to the Paleozoic period. Immerse yourself in the unique climate that nurtures a myriad of plant species, including 14 endemic to this mountainous region. During the summer, be prepared to encounter up to 160 species of butterflies, adding a touch of enchantment to your adventure. If fortune favors you, you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive Lynx Martioni, the true emblem of the mountains.

Our journey commences from Ohrid, leading us to the picturesque springs at Korita and the mesmerizing Koritski rid viewpoint. Continuing our ascent, we reach a pass at an altitude of 1580 meters above sea level, treating us to an unforgettable panoramic vista of Lake Ohrid and the settlements dotting its shores in both Macedonia and Albania.

The hiking portion of our expedition covers a 4-kilometer route along a dirt road, guiding us to the majestic Vakoj Signoj peak, towering 400 meters higher at an elevation of 1980 meters above sea level. The ascent may take approximately two hours, but the reward is unparalleled. Positioned between the two lakes, the mountain unveils an awe-inspiring view that leaves an indelible mark on every soul. To the north lies the rest of Galicica Mountain, while to the south stands Magaro, reaching its peak at 2255 meters. Across Lake Prespa lies Mount Baba, with its prominent peak, Pelister. Gazing eastward, across Lake Ohrid, we behold Mount Jablanica, with the distant horizon adorned by the majestic mountains of Albania and Greece. Concluding the hike, we arrive back at the starting point, ready to embark on the bike ride.

The initial section of our bike ride encompasses a 4 km descent towards Lake Prespa, followed by a left turn that leads us up the mountain and its scenic plateaus. A brief 2 km ascent brings us to Dva Javora, one of the mountain’s most beautiful plateaus, graced by the Asan Djura mountain lodge. After a well-deserved break and snack, we proceed to the Dofa area, characterized by its distinctive red dirt, resembling the surface of Mars. This area captivates with its natural watering places and summer sheepfolds. The subsequent 1.5 km ascent leads us to the Krstec pass, situated 100 meters higher than Dofa, at an altitude of 1555 meters above sea level. From there, the group embarks on a thrilling 12 km descent, descending almost 800 meters, relishing the enchanting view of Ohrid, the city of light, and its surrounding landscape.

Minimum / Maximum number of pax: Min 4 persons, max 16 persons.
(If the interest is exceeding 16 pax we will set up additional dates for booking)

What is included in the price:
E-bike, guides, entrances, food, non-alcoholic drinks, all necessary equipment, transfers from pick up and drop off point.

What is not included in the price: personal expenses, insurance of any kind…

Difficulty: Moderate to hard

Duration: 7-8 hours, Transfer 40 km; Hiking 4km and Biking distance: 37 km (asphalt road 10 km – 7 km downhill, 3km uphill; Off – road 27 km – 15 km flat terrain, 3 km uphill, 9 km downhill ).

Location: Ohrid area, National Park Galichica


94 eur per person (10-16pax)

104 eur per person (4-10 pax)

224 eur for only one participant

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