Ohrid – Saint Naum Monastery

A must do activity! Unlock the electric power at its full potential. Ride from Ohrid along the lake coast, up in the mountains where you can enjoy the view towards the lake from above, and down to Saint Naum Monastery. A full day trip on E-bike. Visit the church, the monastery, have lunch, take a […]

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Ohrid – Trpejca – Ohrid

Want to go further, experience the electric power better and ascend more meters vertically ? Try this route. Ride along the lake coast from Ohrid to the village of Trpejca, traditionally a fishing village located at the foot of mountain Galichica. Enjoy the crystal clear waters at the beach, take a swim or have lunch […]

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Cave churches on the road Via Ignatia

Type of adventure: Daily excursion  Embark on a remarkable journey along the historic Via Egnatia, an ancient Roman road that stretched over 1,200 kilometers from Rome to Constantinople. This renowned route, dating back to the third century B.C., played a pivotal role in travel, trade, and military expeditions. As you explore Macedonia and the captivating […]

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